Published on October 25, 2018

Icebreaker autumn coats

By Caroline Leclerc

"Yes! Autumn is definitely here, but we still have a lot of good days ahead of us before we even think about taking out our beanies, scarves abd coats that are too heavy, too hot for the current season.

And I have some ideas of autumn coats to propose to you that you will be able to carry in your various activities. It comes from a company that is currently booming, Icebreaker.

Very popular, very much in demand with their merino wool clothes. A wool that is breathable, wicks moisture, insulates well and does not scratch when in contact with the skin. In fact ... it's hard to ask for more!

There are some models of coats, including the one I wear, where we will use a different fabric in areas that sweat more. In this way, we will evacuate the moisture in an optimal way and concentrate the heat in the areas of the vital organs.

The model with the cap, you will see that the mesh is very tight at the seams, which will ensure better impermeability.

But it's autumn and you know it's raining a little bit more often. So if you're going to put this coat a little longer, a three, four hours to the heavy rain, obviously I'll advise you to put a shell over it. A lightweight, compact thing that you will slip into the bag and you take it out when needed, in case of rain.

There are some products at Icebreaker where we will use nylon. And there may be some of you who have allergenic reactions to synthetic products or fabrics. But, Icebreaker thought of everything and covered this nylon with a thin layer of merino wool! So that the skin is never in contact with the nylon but rather with the merino wool, then the allergenic reactions, there is none.

That's perfect too!

Like all good clothes of course, we will want to wash it once in a while. Maybe not the coat, we will wash less often, but I think among other sub-layers. There is no problem in putting the merino wool in the washer. Of course we must follow the indications on the labels but it is going very well.

It's durable, it goes through time and in addition the fabric does not deform, it's really the ideal. So you have some nice options for autumn coats. In fact it's three seasons since you can also wear it in spring or early winter.

And if you want to learn more about what Icebreaker has to offer, come and have a look here at Latulippe! "

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