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From our beginnings as a general store in the early 1940s to what we are now, one of the most well renowned working clothes, outdoor, hunting and fishing store in the Québec region, Magasin Latulippe has always put tremendous efforts into giving back to its community. We support local socioeconomic and community-based development initiatives by involving ourselves alongside different organisations.

As the amount of sponsorship and donation requests is constantly increasing and as it is unfortunately impossible for Magasin Latulippe to give a positive response to all of them, we have established the current policy in order to ensure that these requests goes through a fair, equitable and transparent process. Magasin Latulippe wish to inform the applicants about the requests treatment general functioning, the acceptation requirements and the sectors of activity privileged by the enterprise.

General criteria of acceptance

Magasin Latulippe is fully aware of its corporative role as a partner in the social development of its community. This is why we favour demands that come from non-profit organizations, associations or groups whose projects or activities answer the needs of the people served by our Québec and Lévis stores.

As it is impossible to be involved in every sectors of activity, Magasin Latulippe will often give priority to the causes supported by its customers and its partners in conjunction with its primary purpose of being an outdoor, hunting and fishing retailer as well as a work and security clothes retailer. The sponsorship or the donation must have a positive impact on the community. The event’s popularity, the degree of public participation and the media exposure offered to Magasin Latulippe can be taken into account. The sponsorship has to support directly the organisation of the event related to the cause, and not the participants nor the organizers.

Sponsorship and donations funding system


The sponsorship is a partnership or a right of association acquired through a money investment, products investment or services investment, with organisations working in the fields of activities privileged by Magasin Latulippe. The agreement comes with exposure that allows Magasin Latulippe to get a certain amount of return on investment. The sponsorship is a communication platform (advertising, media and public relations, promotion, etc.) which the goal is to contribute to the enhancement of Magasin Latulippe’s image on a corporative level. Sponsorships are usually offered as discounts on products purchases, products donations or gift cards sales.

A donation is a philanthropic contribution provided in money to non-profit organisations working in the fields of activities privileged by Magasin Latulippe. It essentially expresses Magasin Latulippe’s values and social engagement and doesn’t require a return on investment.

The organisations that will get a donation from Magasin Latulippe must own a non-profit organisation status. It could be required that they provide verified annual financial statements, a plan and a budget showing their actual funding sources and their use of the funds, including those asked to Magasin Latulippe.


The following sponsorship or donation requests are ineligible under the current policy:

  • Requests made by and for the benefit of a single individual or of families in need.
  • Requests concerning a donation in recognition.
  • Requests shipped in bulk or non-personalized requests.
  • Requests coming from a private company, unless in the case of a humanitarian cause or to help destitute people.
  • Political or religious requests.
  • Requests related to a golf tournament.
  • Social clubs activities.
  • Activities that occur outside the localities where Magasin Latulippe is present.
  • Individual causes or humanitarian trips.

In order to give a chance to a higher amount and to a wider variety of support requests, recurring demands that concern the same activities every year may be dismissed.


You have to complete the sponsorship and donation requests form online and send it to us as follows:

1. By submitting the form below.

2. Or by mail to :
Magasin Latulippe
637 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest
Québec, QC, G1N 1C6

Requests are then forwarded to the “sponsorship analysis committee” for an evaluation. We must obtain a request 4 weeks before the event. Those submitted within a shorter period of time may be automatically refused.

Only donation and sponsorship requests that are submitted through the form will be considered. An incomplete request implies additional processing delays and may be rejected due to missing information. Magasin Latulippe can require a sponsorship plan from the applicant, which presents the offered visibility and the expected returns.

All of the applicants will get a receipt. If the request is accepted, a written confirmation will be sent, by email or by letter, within a 2 weeks period. A visibility agreement will be taken and the applicant must be open to different ways of using his sponsorship. The promoter must commit itself to convey Magasin Latulippe’s image according to the standards, and he has to obtain approval for all the marketing material on which Magasin Latulippe’s image (logo) will appear. Depending on the request, a report on the provided visibility may be asked (ex.:photos of the planned display on the site of the event). Failure to respect all the agreement terms can result in a suspension of the aid given or of any subsequent aid that can be addressed by the event or by the organisation.

We ask you to wait for this delay to pass before asking for a follow-up reminder by email or by phone. Even if a request meets all the eligibility requirements, we cannot guarantee that it will receive a positive response from us. We reserve the right to decline any request at any moment and without any justification on our part.

The Magasin Latulippe company endeavours to please the highest amount of requests possible, in accordance with the available budgets, the social engagement priorities and the activities related to the enterprise (Hunting, fishing, outdoor).

Information about the organization

Information on the contact person

Event information

Detailed description of the visibility plan

Additional information


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