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Purchasing firearms online

It is now possible to purchase a non-restricted firearm on our website. Please note that only owners of a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) can do so. When a firearm is purchased, additional transportation fees will be added to the invoice. Those fees are also applicable for high pressure air rifles, that is with a muzzle velocity greater than 500 ft./s and with a muzzle energy greater than 4,2 ft./lbs.

During your online transaction, you must fill out a form where you will need to provide your last name, first name, date of birth, type of license, as well as your license number and the expiry date.

Finally, at the bottom the form, you must check the box “I confirm”, in order to confirm that you own a valid Possession and Acquisition License.

Note that according to the law, the only shipping address that we can accept is the one that is on your Possession and Acquisition License. Federal regulations demand that firearms be sent to the address registered with the Canada Firearms Centre. No other shipping address may be used. Also note that this order cannot be shipped to a Canada Post Postal outlet.

It is important that the owner of the license be at home for the reception of the firearm. The age of majority will be verified at that time.

If it is impossible to deliver the firearm directly to the license owner, the package will be kept for a duration of 10 business days at the postal outlet indicated on the notice card that you will have received. To recover your package, the owner of the Possession and Acquisition License owner will have to go pick it up in person and show a valid ID card with an address and a photo, as well as a proof of majority.

After 10 business days, we are legally obligated to recover the firearm stored at the postal outlet. It will thus be returned to Magasin Latulippe. $40.00 administration and transportation fees and will be added if shipped a second time.

Important: Please note that for legal reasons, we ship firearms exclusively on Canadian territory. Any order with a shipping location other than Canada will be cancelled.


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